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Today’s world is getting more and more competitive and challenging. To stay ahead is everyone’s ambition. We at Nepaaus can work together to achieve your desired aim. At Nepaaus, I assure you to get the right counselling, smooth application and document processing for your further abroad study and migration needs. Your meeting with us is an opportunity to know each other and working together.

We are familiar with the educational system and migration requirements also with our language training associates; we prepare you for your endeavour by assessing to score excellent results. I emphasise on my willingness to assist you with any questions or concerns and encourage you to begin your consideration now. I would, therefore, like to welcome you to Nepaaus so that we can journey together.

Sincerely Yours,

MIS Syd, GradDipISM Syd, DipBusMgtMel, Bcom

Citizenship and Migration Law UTS Syd,
Australian Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN): 0742918
Member of Migration Institute of Australia (MIA): 2844
Certified Migration Alliance (CMA): 20112045
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC): G070


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Founded in 2005, Nepaaus is one of the leading migration and educational consultancy firm that specialises in providing professional guidance and support to every individual seeking to travel abroad for their career. Nepaaus operates from its registered office in Sydney, Australia along with its regional offices.

Nepaaus is committed to providing excellent international education and immigration supports. Our expert guidance guarantees you to get through the complicated application process and tedious paperwork helping you to present your case in the most reliable way possible.

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Why Nepaaus

Our Nepaaus team is a group of dedicated members, who assists and monitors clients as soon as they arrive. Our care and support involve helping you adapt to life in a new country. Our team is committed to maintaining a high standard of duty of pastoral care for those who are away from home.

It is very important that people from a different country have the chance to meet each other, learn and develop a friendship. They come together to enjoy a multitude of activities, socialize and contribute to creating an environment of excellence which foster achievement and success, our Nepaaus team creates this opportunity for you.

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