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Nepaaus For Communities

Being involved in the community is a way of life for Nepaaus family. Being involved in the lives of people, assisting to those in need, and taking an active role in the events that are shaping the growing communities are all values of the Nepaaus family. Each year Nepaaus family gives donations to help nonprofit agencies and organisations assist people to need.


Charity Nepal

While the devastation from internal political disputes to people in Nepal continues to sadden all of us, it also inspires us to help. To provide help to the victims of political conflicts in Nepal, we made immediate clothing, foods donation, and education supports to the 200 orphans and helpless children of current insurgency victims through Lions international club and Charity Nepal.

Aged Care Charity Organization

Nepaaus has been providing clothing, sweaters,  and clothing donation to Aged Care Charity Organization at Pashupatinath temple, Kathmandu, Nepal in every winter to support the disable and vulnerable older people, living in poverty, and was ignored by their families and friends.

Lions Club - Kathmandu

Supports for Lions Club- Kathmandu.

Surf Life Saving Foundation of Australia

It has been quite a long time now that we have been involving in the lives of people, providing assistance to those in need, and taking an active role in the events that are shaping the growing communities.

as the international students in Australia has been increased in recent years, the number of drowning deaths among those students have also risen faster.

Sighting the current increasing number of drowning tragedies along with international students . an important decision has been made to support Surf Life Saving Foundation of Australia.

NRNA Charity

Sydney, Australia


Sydney, Australia


Sydney, Australia